Jason considers himself an “accidental futurist.” His experience as a technologist in the newspaper industry gave him an in-the-trenches view of technological disruption in an industry that plays an important role in the direction that societies travel. he was able to witness a large sampling of top-level discussions in both boardroom and newsroom settings. At the exact same time, Jason was leading MarsDust, an arts and entertainment website that focused primarily on the works of science fiction creators – many of which are also professional foresight analysts. The juxtaposition talking with and sitting on panels alongside some of the worlds leading visionaries while working in one of the four pillars of democratic society as it spun into disarray, sent Jason down an intellectual path to understand how people and organizations can not only hope to keep up with frequent, seismic change, but learn to leverage rapid change for preferred outcomes.

Unlike academic and organizational strategic analysts, Jason embraces the multi-disciplinary nature of futurism through the creation of art and journalism that leverages cutting edge media.