About Jason

Jason Ahlquist has spent over thirty years of working in the spaces where art, journalism and technology bleed into the future. He’s had careers as a graphic designer for a wide variety of organizations ranging from newspapers to colleges. He’s worked journalist for various publications where he focused primarily on interviewing innovators and public figures. And he worked as a technologist for over a hundred newspapers and magazines during the crucial period of the dot-com boom, when all news organizations were struggling to redefine how their industry could still work.

Jason has been on the front lines of emerging technology in communication where it has had important consequences for society. From helping large newspaper chains migrate to content management systems for their web presence to producing cinematic virtual reality experiences, he has always worked at the edge of not yet understood changes. A great deal of his work in journalism has been focused on science fiction creators and futurists. The aggregate of all these experiences has helped him think deeply about how our world changes in the wake of frequent technological disruption.

Today Jason works to further his understanding of these forces and digest his experiences through Ahlquist Media Lab, a transmedia production company that produces documentary film and virtual reality experiences to explore the impact of change on society.